FCC puts LPTV webinar on the schedule


LPTVThe issues surrounding LPTV’s place in the incentive auction are swirling, and the FCC has taken two small steps toward resolving them.

First, as reported, the deadline for reply comments to the 3rd LPTV NPRM has indeed been extended by a week and are now due 2/2/15. The comment deadline was 1/12/15, and the original and now-extended deadline for reply comments had been 1/26/15.

The FCC will also disseminate information and seek comment directly via a webinar.

Said the FCC, “To facilitate public input and understanding of issues relating to the impact of the incentive auction and repacking on LPTV and TV translator stations, the Media Bureau will host a LEARN webinar on Tuesday, February 17, 2015, at 10:30 a.m.. Additional details about the event, including how interested parties can participate, will be released as the date approaches.”