FCC rakes in treasure from apprehended Florida pirates


Florida is one of America’s hotbeds of pirated FM radio spectrum, and now four members of the buccaneer contingent, representing three unauthorized stations, have seen their notices of apparent liability convert to forfeiture orders.

None of the pirates responded to the FCC’s NAL.

Among the guilty:

Damian Anthony Ojouku Allen and Michael William Downer, both of Pompano Beach FL. The pair were operating on 101.1 MHz there, and have each been hit with $20K fines, for a total of $40K.

McArthur Bussey of Fort Lauderdale FL has been hit with a $15K penalty for operating an unauthorized station on 89.1 MHz.

Burt Byng was hit for $10K for running a station on 107.1 MHz in Miami FL.
The total take: $65K.