FCC releases DTV videos


Television stations all over the US, both English- and Spanish-speaking, are all receiving a package of video material suitable for broadcast from the Federal Communications Commission. The thrust is to disseminate essential consumer information about the upcoming DTV transition. The package includes :30 and :60 second spots, as well as long-form material dealing with specific areas of concern. The FCC describes it, “The long form educational video conveys greater detail regarding the transition in four parts:  What is DTV, What You Need to Know, Watching DTV with a Converter Box, and Summary. The video helps the consumer decide whether or not they need a converter box for their television, gives a step-by-step guide to connecting a converter box to their television, and explains how to rescan for channels after the end of the transition.” Copies have been distributed to 1,368 full powered commercial English and 100 Spanish broadcast stations.