FCC representatives headed to Phoenix info forum


The FCC report “Information Needs of Communities: The Changing Media Landscape in a Broadband Age” came out back in June, but at the beginning of October, the leader of the group that produced it – Steve Waldman – will be on his way to Phoenix AZ to discuss it at a local forum. He’ll be joined by Julius Genachowski and Michael Copps.

The session will take place at Arizona State University on Monday 10/3/11, and will run from 9-11:30AM local time.

The FCC described the event, saying, “The report describes tremendous innovation in the media landscape but also identifies critical gaps, including a shortage of local news reporting. The report also offers recommendations for government, nonprofit players and entrepreneurs. At this hearing, Chairman Genachowski and Commissioner Copps will hear from journalists, academics, businesses, and the public about innovating and strengthening news and information-gathering and reporting to meet citizen needs.”

RBR-TVBR observation: Since the constitution imagines the press as a watchdog on the three branches of government it created, the government cannot very well exercise control over it – that’s the old Cold War model we saw in the Soviet Union. Is journalism going through a rough patch? Yes. But the FCC’s role should be limited to doing what it can to encourage a fertile-enough business environment for new commercial models to develop and replace the old pre-digital models that are experiencing so much grief at the moment.