FCC runs down frequency-shifting FM bandit


Christopher M. Myers acknowledged reception of an FCC NOUO, or notice of unlicensed operation, resulting from the discovery of an unlicensed FM station emanating from his Lauderhill FL condo on 8/14/08. That station had been operating on 91.7 MHz. Not quite a year later, the FCC tracked down another rogue signal, this time on 95.9 MHz, coming from the exact same condominium unit.

The second station was discovered there 7/21/09. The FCC was acting on a complaint. Further complaints about an unauthorized signal on 95.9 MHz led to the same place on both 2/4/10 and 3/7/10. An FCC inspection revealed coaxial cable running from a roof antenna to Myer’s condo, and an FM transmitter inside the condo.

The FCC has taken all this into account and issued a notice of apparent liability to Myers of the standard $10K amount.

Lauderhill is in the Ft. Lauderdale portion of the Miami radio market.