FCC schedules TV relocation workshop


FCCIn advance of incentive spectrum auctions, the FCC has already held a workshop providing details on how to go about sharing a television channel between more than one licensee. Now, it’s got one on the schedule that will explain how broadcasters moving to a new channel as a result of repacking will be reimbursed.

The session will take an hour and a half out of the afternoon of Monday, 6/25/12.

The FCC said, “The focus of this workshop will be the design of the Commission’s program to reimburse the costs that some broadcasters are likely to incur as a result of channel reassignments in connection with the repacking authorized by the 2012 Spectrum Act. The Act established a $1.75 billion TV Broadcaster Relocation Fund from which the Commission is to reimburse those costs when the broadcast spectrum is repacked following the FCC’s first incentive auction. Panelists will discuss the categories of costs that they believe the FCC should consider when designing the program. They will also discuss possible models and lessons learned from similar programs that paid the relocation expenses of spectrum incumbents that were assigned new frequencies.”

* Jay Adrick, Vice President, Broadcast Technology, Harris Corporation
* Brett Haan, Principal, Deloitte Consulting, LLP
* Jane Mago, Executive Vice President and General Counsel, NAB
* Patricia Tikkala, Vice President, Spectrum, Sprint Nextel Corporation

2:00 – 2:10 Welcoming Remarks and Overview, Bill Lake, Chief, Media Bureau
2:10 – 3:15 Panel Discussion, Rebecca Hanson, Media Bureau, moderator
3:15 – 3:30 Questions
3:30 Adjournment