FCC seeks comment on TV relocation reimbursement


FCCA sample of the application form that may be used for stations and MVPDs that incur expenses related to channel relocation as part of the incentive auction is available for inspection and comment. At this point, the document is just a draft.

Comments on the matter, officially known as: Media Bureau Seeks Comment on Draft TV Broadcaster Relocation Fund Reimbursement Form; GN Docket No. 12-268, are due 10/27/14.

The forms are intended to submit:

* information needed to establish an account with the Department of Treasury for payment purposes;
* an estimate of their eligible relocation costs;
* actual cost documentation throughout the construction period, as they incur expenses; and
* their total expenses incurred.

The FCC stated, “The Commission is committed to ensuring the fairness, efficiency, and transparency of the process for reimbursing broadcasters for relocation costs related to the Incentive Auction, and the associated costs of MVPDs.  To that end, we are providing broadcasters, MVPDs, and other stakeholders with the opportunity to comment on our design and implementation of this process.”

At stake is a $1.75B broadcaster relocation fund, primarily for broadcast stations forced to move but also for MVPDs that incur expense in providing continued carriage of a moving station.

The FCC’s full announcement and a sample of the form can be found at fcc.gov.