FCC set for first Open Meeting of 2008


The traditional format for the FCC January Open Meeting will be featured as per usual this week on Thursday, 1/17/08. Four panels will parade before the Commissioners, all comprised of bureau chiefs and managing directors, who will tale a look back at 2007, and perhaps offer some insight into what’s coming up for 2008.
Of most interest to broadcasters are the Media Bureau, which is part of Panel Two, and the Enforcement Bureau, on the caboose of the session, Panel Four. The meeting kicks off at 9:30 AM Eastern time.

RBR/TVBR observation: Typically, very little happens during the first meeting. The chiefs (along with a smattering of others with different job titles), come forward and tell about all the things they did during the previous year and how much hard work it took. The commissioners will compliment them on and thank them for their hard work. In fact, perhaps we should keep track of how many times the phrase hard work is cited, and award bonus points for those chiefs and commissioners who find the most creative alternatives.

If we’re lucky, one of the chiefs will tip their hand in a meaningful way. It would be good to know, for example, if the Enforcement Bureau is hellbent on dusting off that brand new, squeaky clean still-in-the-box, mint-condition 350K indecency fine and smash it over the head of some broadcaster who is unfortunate enough to have a DJ contract a case of rapid-onset Tourette’s Syndrome while on the air live. But don’t count on it.