FCC set to collect annual regulatory fees


Broadcasters be warned! Fiscal Year 2011 Regulatory Fees are due at the FCC September 14th. You will not get a bill in the mail, but the fees are due September 14th anyway.

How much do you owe? To find out exactly what is owed for your AM, FM or TV station, including translators, low-power stations and such, go to the FCC automated filing and payment system. Click here for the link. Click on “View fee information and exempt status for any broadcast property.”

The fees are due for each license or permit held as of October 1, 2010. The census data being used by the FCC is as of that date, so the data from the 2010 Census will be applied to population counts for the next cycle of regulatory fees (Fiscal 2012).

The fact sheet for the fee due for each class of station and population served is attached to this page and may be downloaded as a six-page pdf.