FCC sets agenda for August meeting


FCCA short-handed FCC will sit Friday 8/9/13 for its August open meeting, and in the aftermath, those employees who are able will likely make good their escape from the pavement-melting Washington dog days, following in the wake of Congress, which will begin its own escape a week earlier. On tap for broadcasters: an incentive auction update.

It is possible but highly doubtful that the three sitting commissioners will be joined by a fourth – chairman nominee Tom Wheeler has been vetted by the Senate Commerce Committee but a replacement for Republican Robert McDowell has not even been named yet, much less grilled on Capitol Hill. And since Congress usually prefers to approve FCC commissioners in twos, it is unlikely there will be any change by the time the 8/9 meeting is brought to order.

Incentive auction updates are becoming a routine feature on open meeting agendas.

Here, from the FCC, is what’s on tap:

* Revision of Part 15 of the Commission’s Rules Regarding Operation in the 57-64 GHz Band: The Commission will consider a Report and Order addressing technical requirements applicable to unlicensed services in the 57-64 GHz frequency band to provide additional competition in the broadband market, improve efficient delivery of roadband services in residences and businesses, and facilitate backhaul transport to support the deployment of 4th Generation (4G) and other wireless services.

* Comprehensive Review of Licensing and Operating Rules for Satellite Services: The Commission will consider a Report and Order that streamlines Part 25 of the Commission’s rules to facilitate greater investment and innovation in the satellite industry and promote more rapid deployment of new satellite services to the public.

* Status of the Broadcast Incentive Auction: The Incentive Auction Task Force will present the latest update on progress towards the Commission’s 2014 television broadcast incentive auction.