FCC sets up auction for New Jersey, Delaware TV CPs


A major gripe from the great states of New Jersey and Delaware is the lack of broadcast VHF television stations that they can truly call their own. The FCC plans to redress this situation with the establishment and auction of Channel 4 in Atlantic City NJ and Channel 5 in Seaford DE. And now that process is getting set to take off.

The two states, due to accidents of size and location, are in the grip of major media markets across their borders. Both are in the shadow of Philadelphia PA and New Jersey adds the ultra-intrusive presence of the massive New York City media market further north.

The two stations are on the $200K plan – that figure applies to the bidding units, the upfront payment and the minimum opening bid.

An auction tutorial will be available for interested parties 12/8/10, which also happens to be the day the window opens for submission of short-form applications to participate in the bidding. The window closes 12/15/10.
Upfront payments will be due by 1/21/11, followed by a mock auction 2/11/11. The main event kicks off 2/15/11.