FCC signs frontline DTV warriors


AmeriCorps, which employs 18-24-year-olds for community service programs, is working with the FCC on the DTV transition. Teams will be trained to help elderly, low-income and other people who need help hooking up converter boxes or checking their antennas.

AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps members will be organized in teams of 8-12 individuals who will work with FCC area coordinators and other FCC employees to assist at-risk members of the community get themselves DTV-ready. This will be an add-on task for them, and will be accomplished mainly during evenings and weekends.

The AmeriCorps members will receive specific FCC training for the task, and their mission will extend beyond the 6/12/09 hard deadline to help deal with any stragglers who get caught unprepared when analog service is cut off.

“The FCC is grateful for the assistance from AmeriCorps NCCC, an organization committed to public service, as we focus our DTV education efforts on individuals who may find the transition to digital television particularly difficult,” said acting FCC Chairman Michael Copps. “This fine organization is composed of dedicated young people with enthusiasm and experience in working with elderly individuals, low income residents and others who may need a hand in hooking up their converter boxes or checking their antennas.”

RBR/TVBR observation: We have suggested using Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts in the past. This is of course a much better idea – a brilliant idea, in fact. We expect this move will greatly ease the transition this upcoming June.