FCC sinks Brooklyn buccaneers


A pair of apartment residents operating on 90.5 MHz in Brooklyn NY without a license were apprehended by FCC agents and hit with the standard $10K fine. Jean Clerveau and Jocelyn Edwards are the parties who lease the apartment to which the agents traced the signal.

They followed the signal on 90.5 to an apartment located on 19th St., checked to make sure there were no authorizations for a station on that frequency, went back and found a broadcast antenna on the roof and a coaxial cable running into one of the windows in their apartment.

The pair denied they had anything to do with the station and said it was being operated from an apartment across the street. The FCC declined to cancel the fine based on that denial. It said that the agents accurately tracked the station to their apartment, and as payers for the lease and the electricity, they were ultimately responsible for any electronic transmissions that originated there.