FCC snow daze filing waiver


The Snowpocalypse/Snowmaggedon whiteout that effectively shut down Washington DC for the better part of a week, sending its staffers home early Friday 2/5/10 and completely shutting down the agency from Monday to Thursday 2/8-11/10. There’s good news if you had a filing due during that period.

In fact, the official deadline for anything due to arrive at the Commision between 2/5/10 and 2/12/10 has been waived, and all such material is now due 2/16/10

RBR-TVBR observation: This waiver was released by the FCC on the new due date of 2/16/10, so we hope that anybody who falls into this category has been on top of the situation. By the time most people read this, it will already be too late. But if you had a slightly overdue document and you got it in before the 16th, at least have the peace of mind of knowing you are home free on that count.