FCC stays out of buyer dispute


Peggy Haley left Peggy Marsh to dispose of her estate, which includes a one-town tripleheader — KETX AM-FM-LP in Livingstone TX. She accepted a $1.4M offer from Livingstone Telephone Cooperative. That did not sit well with Harold J. Haley Jr., who petitioned the FCC to stop the sale, claiming he made a better offer. (The situation gets even uglier when you consider that Peggy Marsh is the daughter and Harold Haley the son of the decedent). The FCC provided a great deal of clarity in its reply. Since Haley did not in any way impugn the qualifications of the actual buyers, the FCC has no basis to act; nor can it grant or otherwise deal with an application from Marsh to sell him the stations if it is never filed. Legally, according to the FCC, Marsh is essentially free to sell the stations to whomsoever she so pleases, unless Haley can press his case in court – and just such a case is pending. The FCC confirmed its approval of the deal and refered Haley back to the court system.