FCC taking comments on antenna installation


Nashville TN resident Craig Wirth apparently would like to install an antenna outside his condominium, but has run afoul of the Nashville Westchester LLC Condominium Homeowners Association, which prohibits such endeavors. He is seeking FCC intervention.

Wirth has petitioned for a Declaratory Ruling to the effect that the Commission’s rules on an individual’s right to receive broadcast signals supersede any regulations that the homeowners association may have in place.

The FCC is seeking comment on the matter. The case number is CSR-8272-O. Comments are due 3/1/10, and reply comments on 3/16/10. The project will be conducted under permit-but-disclose rules.

RBR-TVBR observation: In a similar recent case involving a satellite dish, the major satellite companies actually went to bat for a single resident caught under the thumb of a heavy-handed homeowners association. Local broadcasters in the Nashville area may also find it’s worth it to offer Mr. Wirth a helping hand.