FCC to look at procedures next month


The February Open Meeting at the FCC will feature an exploration of ways to increase the transparency of the ex parte process, and ways to improve organization and procedural rules – shades of the recent GAO report! And there will be the usual look at the National Broadband Plan.

The NBP was to have been released shortly after this 2/11/10 meeting, on the 17th, but has been delayed until 3/17/10.

The ex parte rules pertain to face-to-face meetings with commissioners or key FCC staff members. Generally, the public is informed that such a meeting has taken place, but usually gets very little information as to what was discussed.

The Government Accountability Office’s recently-released study of FCC operations, complete with recommendations for improvement, has likely had an influence on this particular agenda.

A fourth agenda item deals with the E-Rate program, specifically a proposal to allow schools participating in it to allow public to use their internet access.