FCC to study Hispanic TV


FCCThere are 53 million Hispanics in the US, comprising 17% of the total population, and the FCC is going to conduct a study to determine how well their television needs are being met.

The expanded data-gathering enabled by the use of Form 323 for ownership reporting will be a factor in the study.

Key elements of the study are:

* The impact of Hispanic-owned television stations on Hispanic-oriented programming and Hispanic viewership in selected local television markets;

* The extent of Hispanic-oriented programming on US broadcast television; and

* The role of digital multicasting in increasing the amount of Hispanic-oriented programming.

The Commission stated, “With today’s announcement, the FCC is further demonstrating its commitment to gather data and fund research and analysis to understand better how the Commission’s policies promote the public interest.  The Commission has long understood that diverse participation in the broadcast industry and access to diverse sources of information are vital to a robust democracy.”