FCC to Tackle Foreign Ownership


FCC2014The FCC takes up two items of interest to broadcast owners at its open meeting later this month.

The commission plans to vote on opening a rulemaking and seeking comment on foreign media ownership; NTIA is asking the FCC to expand disclosure obligations for those seeking international 214 authorizations.

CBS, Univision and NAB have asked the commission to make sure any changes don’t inadvertently affect the disclosure obligations of broadcast licensees as the agency has a separate rulemaking in play to streamline review procedures for foreign station ownership and investment.

The commission will seek comment on how to streamline Executive Branch review of foreign ownership applications for national security, foreign policy and trade reasons.

Another item on tap for the June 24 meeting concerns the Emergency Alert System.

The agency will consider a Report and Order to add new event codes covering extreme wind and storm surges caused by Category 3 and higher hurricanes.