FCC turns down request to halt review of Comcast/NBCU deal


Mabuhay Alliance came pretty close to citing its case in the title of its petition regarding the proposed merger of Comcast and NBCU. And the title is: “Petition Opposing Comcast Acquisition of NBC Universal on Behalf of Asian Americans and Request to Stop Merger Proceedings Until There Are Widespread Public Hearings.” The FCC isn’t buying what Mabuhay Alliance is selling.

Mabuhay wants the two principals in the deal to provide answers to a wide selection of questions regarding the companies’ history with minorities in general and Asians in particular, touching on programming content, employment and philanthropic investment.

Mabuhay also requested that a “Special Master” be appointed by the FCC to collect all of this information.
The FCC simply noted that ample opportunity for public comment on the proposed merger is being provided, and that Mabuhay Alliance is more than welcome to participate. The FCC even invited Mabuhay to set up ex parte meetings with commissioners and staff if it so desires.

But it is not going to slam on the brakes or appoint a Special Master. The proceeding remains on track as scheduled.