FCC watchdogs tree a Miami pirate


No matter how may ways they sliced it, all the facts gathered by FCC field agents pointed to DJ Oneway as the operator of an unlicensed 98.7 MHz FM radio station in Miami. The station was operating from a residence, using a tree-based antenna, and even though the home belonged to somebody else, DJ Oneway’s metaphorical fingerprints were all over the station.

DJ Oneway turned out to be one Robenson Thermitus of Miami, and he has been hit with the standard FCC fine for unauthorized operation of a pirate FM station, which is $10K.

In the process of tracking down the station, the agents tuned their receiver to 98.7, and an RDS display identified the station that should not have been there but was as 98.7 FM Energy.

From that point on, the signs started pointing to Thermitus. “Subsequently, an agent from the Miami Office found that the station’s website, www.energyfm987.com, listed ‘DJ Oneway’ as a host of Energy FM and the number ‘1 786.357.5347’ as DJ Oneway’s contact phone number. The domain name, energyfm987.com, was registered to Robenson Thermitus and listed 786-357-5347 as his contact phone number.”

They tracked the source of the station to the residence and backyard tree, and were informed by the owner that the radio station belonged to a man known as “Oneway.” The resident called Oneway, who spoke to an agent and promised to remove the equipment. Upon exiting the residence, the agents found the station back on the air and traced it back to the same location.

Further investigation continued to point back to Thermitus, including information concerning vehicle registration, a driver’s license and a Facebook page.

The $10K fine is at the notice of apparent violation stage, meaning Thermitus has an opportunity to seek a reduction or cancellation.