FCC will be looking for some capital ideas


About a month from now, interested parties are invited to the FCC for a session entitled Capitalization Strategies Workshop, the intent of which is to explore financing possibilities for small and diverse businesses in the communications field. It’s on the calendar for 11/12/10.

Two panels of experts will address those assembled, one from the private sector and one from the public sector. It is directed at “[s]mall, minority- and women-owned business owners interested in telecommunications, broadcasting, or related businesses,” and will run from 9 AM-4:30 PM.

“Specifically, the panelists will address issues related to obtaining public and private-sector financing for those entrepreneurs who seek either to launch new enterprises or to facilitate growth in existing businesses.  Panelists will discuss capitalization strategies applicable in a variety of business sectors, i.e. broadband technologies, cable and broadcast TV, broadcast radio, wireless services, and common carrier facilities.”

There will also be one-on-one breakout sessions with panelists, who will look at specific business plans. These must be scheduled in advance, with a deadline for doing so of 11/1/10.

Panelists include:

* Mark Levine, Core Capital

* Jerry Johnson, RLJ Equity

* Anita Stephens Graham, Opportunity Capital

* Richard Blewette, US Small Business Administration

* Maureen Lewis, NTIA

* Gary Bojes, USDA Rural Utilities Service

* Jim Pastoriza, Telecommunications Development Fund

* Robert L. Green, SYNCOM

* Cheryl Miller, US Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship

* Carolos Guzman, Minority Business Development Agency