FCC’s Q1 2009 gripes of wrath


There was a spike in indecency complaints in March 2009, ending a three quarter streak of peace and quiet on that front. The direct comp would be Q1 2008, with 121.1K complaints, and that number was defeated handily with 181.1K, 180K of which came in the third month. The other 2008 comps were 25.1K in Q2, 37.5K in Q3 and 36.7K in Q4. On the inquiry side of the ledge, the FCC’s traffic was mostly on the equipment/DTV front, as was to be expected.

RBR/TVBR observation: We have to admit we are at a loss to explain the March spike. The only questionable programming we were able to find in our archives from that period was the introduction of Britney Spears’ “If You Seek Amy” – but that controversy started in late January. At any rate, a spike could happen any time the right watchdog pushed the right buttons among its constituents.