FEC clarifies PAC rule


political action committee, it wanted to funnel cash to various candidates that the organization supports. The Federal Election Commission has confirmed its right to do this – but it is limited to the same amounts that are allowed for an individual citizen.

That’s because The True Patriot Network LLC is comprised of but a single citizen.

“The Commission determined that there is no material difference between expenditures made by Nicolas Hanauer, the sole member, manager and funder of the company, and expenditures made by The True Patriot Network LLC,” explained FEC.

The FEC noted that Hanauer wants to expand the group’s activities and to engage in the propagation of communications designed to influence elections. But it is not considered by the FEC to be a true organization, and the proof is in the IRS – TPN is not taxed as a corporation.

RBR/TVBR observation: The good news is that it’s the FEC’s lookout, not the broadcasters, to make sure organizations like TPN don’t go beyond the pale when buying airtime for political communications. But if you have questions about an organization such as this, it wouldn’t hurt to check it out – of nothing else, it’ll look good in your public file.