FEC goes local with new feature


Are you wondering how much money is being stored up for the 2008 battle for Congress in your state’s senatorial contest (of contests if you’re in Wyoming or Mississippi)? How about your own Congressional district? A new campaign map available at the Federal Election Commission’s website puts these facts a few mouseclicks away.
The baseline information on the front page of fec.gov shows thats Democratic House candidates have raised 142.5M and spent 70.4M, compared to Republicans who have raised and spent 97.2M and 52.2M, respectively. Democratic Senate candidates have raised 117.2M and spent 35.2M, compared to Republicans, who have raised and spent 47.6M and 13.6M, respectively.

However, the outstanding feature is the associated map. Just click on your state to check out the fundraising prowess of the senate candidates in your state as well as each candidate in each congressional district. Then make sure you do what’s necessary to get your fair share.