Federal Funds Flow To TV’s Ad Revenue Repository


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Bipartisan efforts designed to get federal agencies to increase their advertising efforts on broadcast radio and TV stations gained steam on Friday, with some 80 members of the Upper Body of Congress directing the Office of Management and Budget to help spark such an effort.

With the help of federal funding, the U.S. Census Bureau has run advertisements on broadcast media for the 2020 Census; these efforts have put the Bureau at or near the top of recent Media Monitors Spot Ten reports.

Guess what? The Census effort was the top brand campaign at Spot Television for the week ending April 26, according to iHeartMedia-owned Media Monitors.

As seen below, the Census Bureau effort, by spot count, bested that of Progressive and GEICO.

Meanwhile, efforts from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and a NAB-based PSA campaign continue to rank in the top 10 at broadcast TV.

The situation at Spot Cable is different, as auto insurance brands continue to dominate.

Meanwhile, The Home Depot greatly increased its spot count at the cable networks tracked by Media Monitors, with a campaign for 1-800 CONTACTS also increasing in spot count.