Fee for all: FY 2008


The FCC, which is essentially self-funded, is looking to collect $312M in user fees for FY 2008. Expect the usual upward adjustments as time moves forward and inflation takes its toll. The top line FM boomers in large markets, for example, will be going from $9,125 to $10,200, and in towns with populations below 25K, it’s going from $725 to $775. The biggest change is actually in the proposal stage. The FCC has been allowing new expanded band AM stations in the 1610-1700 kHz range to remain exempt from regulatory fees in their infancy. The Commission is ready to welcome these stations to the fee-paying world of mature stations, and is seeking comment on how to handle stations that make the migration to the expanded band permanent, as well as whether there should be special provisions for operators who elect to turn in the expanded band license and remain in the lower frequencies.