Feedback on Friday’s Blog Log


Of course the secret writer is…..right!  HD radio was a loser from the beginning.  As someone who has owned and operated dozens of AM & FM radio stations over several decades, I assure you anytime you give one company a monopoly without free access to open systems, you’re doomed. HD and iBiquity is so Anti-American, it’s disgusting.

HD -AM Radio is a joke. Our local 50 KW 1-A Clear can’t transmit its HD more than 20 miles reliably. You can do better than that with a 3KW Class A FM!  You’re not going to sell any advertising on HD-2 Channels that have automated and lame programming.  Any station with a 2 share on the main, should not be concerned about their HD channels.

Ditch HD.  Concentrate your engineering, programming & sales forces on your main channel and for gosh sakes, get analog AM back up to its 10Khz NRSC standard.  What HD has done to analog AM is criminal!

Lloyd Bankson Roach, CRBE, CBT, AMD


Meetinghouse Media, Inc.

West Chester, PA