File remains an issue


Missing issues/program lists from the public file of Butte MT CBS affiliate KXLF-TV 4 have landed it in hot water with the FCC. How hot? Try 10K’s worth. But give KXLF and its ownership, the Evening Post Publishing Company, credit for candor. This was not an FCC-discovered violation: The station itself noted in filing for license renewal that it was missing necessary documentation, running from 1998 all the way through 2003. It said it immediately recreated the missing files upon discovery of the omission, but the FCC decided that its "nature, circumstances, extent and gravity" warranted the full, standard 10K base forfeiture. The FCC action is a notice of apparent liability, leaving the station the option of appealing the fine or asking for a reduction.

RBR/TVBR observation: A reduction may be possible — the FCC very much appreciates candor and conversely detests the lack of it. However, this may not be a good time, since part of the busy FCC agenda back on 12/18/07 was taking a stab at tightening up localism reporting requirements, mandating that stations create and keep track of just this type of programming.