File the license and pass a screwdriver


A group of unbuilt stations is being transferred into the non-profit zone before any have had a chance to air their first commercial. All are AMs, and all are in the western part of the US, from Utah all the way to Oahu.

The stations are being transferred from Americast Media Corporation, headed by Lavon Randall, E. Morgan Skinner Jr. and Lorna Bate-Skinner.

They are headed to Rockwell Educational Foundation. Randall and Morgan Skinner are among the principals of Rockwell, along with R. Michael Bull, John Christian Barlow and Jeffrey B. Bate.

The Americast Board of Directors adopted a resolution to transfer the stations to Rockwell way back on 2/15/08.

Included in the package are KNFC Santa Clara UT 1290; KBEV Beaver UT 1230; KXIV Middletown ID 1400; KACE Mesquite NV 1250; a CP for Mililani Town HI 1230; and an application for another AM in Santa Clara on 1490.

The only station anywhere near an Arbitron-rated market is the Middletown ID station, which is just west of Boise.