FilmOn again bringing network TV to computers


You may recall the company, which was ordered by a federal judge in 2010 to stop streaming local network TV signals on the Internet without permission from the content owners. Well, FilmOn is back with a new way for its subscribers to watch network TV – and this time it is definitely legal.

FilmOn Labs, a division of, says it will start shipping out next month its new FilmOn Air. The device is a digital TV receiver which allows users to watch local TV signals on their PC, tablet/iPad or mobile device. The FilmOn Air will be shipped for free to all yearly US subscribers to, which is still streaming some specialty channels which have signed deals with the service.

“In 2010 FilmOn ended up in an ongoing legal battle with all four of the Major Networks CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX, over FilmOn’s right to carry their signals over the Internet. The case is ongoing and FilmOn expects to settle the dispute this year,” said Alki David, CEO and Founder of FilmOn.

The company put a list price of $95.95 on the FilmOn Air, which is in line with similar devices. Annual subscribers, who will get one for free, pay $149.95 for FilmOn’s streaming service. The next generation FilmOn App, available next month, will include a FilmOn Air tuning application.

RBR-TVBR observation: Broadcasters shouldn’t have any problem with this new approach. The device will receive over the air broadcast signals – and only those in the local market.