Finale: 'The Bachelorette: Best Ever' Chris will have Cult Following (review)


Every once in a while, The Bachelor/Bachelorette manages to perform magic.  After the last few disappointing seasons, we have finally found a winner.  Ali Fedotowsky delivered.  My respect for this woman has grown tremendously over the past couple of months.  I went from being a doubter during her regrettable bad mouthing of Vienna in Jake’s season to having tears roll down my face as Roberto confessed he would be the man to love her unconditionally, grow old with her and have a beautiful family with her.  I had goose bumps.  I haven’t felt this swept up in the moment since Trista told Ryan she saw babies with him during the finale her season. 

Finally, ABC delivered. Chris Harrison was right when he said the ending would be something that never happened before.  It WAS dramatic.  It WAS shocking.  Halleluyah!  After having last season’s result (Jake picking Vienna over Tenley) completely ruined by annoying bloggers and tabloids that find pleasure in ruining surprises, I was elated and shocked when Ali broke up with Chris before her last date.  This was such a bold and classy move for a number of reasons – for sure the BEST ending I have ever seen on this show for the following reasons: (1) Chris L, as one of the most loved bachelors of all time, was spared the embarrassment and despair of getting dumped on that last day, after potentially picking out an engagement ring, possibly proposing and then having a crying scene in a boat to the airport;  (2) Ali did not feel the need to roll around in the sheets, make-out and be intimate with someone else, the day before getting engaged to someone else (which I have never been able to quite understand in previous seasons); (3) Ali was smart and considerate enough to understand that Chris really is an amazing person who has been through enough pain and she wanted to minimize any additional pain to the extent possible; (4) This result has never happened before – so nobody saw it coming – why haven’t other people done this? It was shocking!  (5) Ali has confirmed for us what I have often thought throughout season after season – it really is NOT possible to be madly in love with more than one person at the same time.  As soon as she realized this, she acted on it.  Gold star for Ali! 

My respect for Roberto went through the roof during the finale.  The fact that he was willing to put on a full suit and tie when it was probably about 90 degrees speaks volumes.  The poor guy was sweating like crazy, but he didn’t even complain (at least not from what we saw).  I LOVED the Neil Lane ring he picked out for Ali.  I loved how he taught Ali’s mother to salsa dance.  He actually made her cry!  He really wanted to know how to make Ali happy.  He charmed the pants off of Ali’s father as well.  Ali’s sister seemed smart as well. It was interesting how the women in Ali’s family preferred Chris (I’m pretty sure the mother and sister were in love with him) while the father preferred Roberto.  Regardless, seeing how happy Ali is at the end, confirmed their approval of Roberto.  That last date they had with the sting rays swimming around them (I would have FREAKED – Ali is a lot cooler than I am), the jet skis, the private island picnic, swimming in the ocean during a rain storm – could not have been more perfect.  It was obvious Ali was going to choose him.  I loved the picture/frame that Roberto gave her and the note he wrote on the back.  The look on Ali’s face during that moment sealed the deal for me. 

Chris L seemed a little tense around Ali’s family.  Ali was not as affectionate with him as she was with Roberto.  She genuinely likes him, but just not in the same passionate way as with Roberto.  I was amazed at all of the things that Chris has in common with Ali’s family – both from Massachusetts, their mothers were both nurses.  Ali’s dad was a high school teacher (so was Chris).  Both Ali and Chris were caregivers of their sick relatives If Ali were more into Chris, she would have been all over these strange coincidences.  Instead, she just sort of accepts them matter-of-factly.  Probably one of the most touching moments in Bachelor/Bachelorette history was when the rainbow appeared after Ali broke up with Chris, indicating that Chris’s mother was trying to tell him that it would all be ok.  Yes, Chris, because your life will never been the same – everyone loves you!!! No more sadness for this guy. Mind you, as the rainbow appeared, The Husband kept saying – that’s not real! He was convinced it was computer generated.  I guess it just seemed too perfect, but wow, what an intense, inspiring moment.  I loved that they showed both Ali and Chris seeing the same rainbow and having the same thought even though she had just broken up with him. 

Watching Ali’s interactions with her final two men during the finale, it was pretty obvious that her feelings for Roberto were “en fuego.”  She was different with him than with Chris.  She could not stop smiling, touching or staring at Roberto.  With Chris, she liked him a bunch, but didn’t have that romantic feeling towards him.  I was so impressed with how well spoken both Roberto and Chris were with Ali’s family.  They are both such genuine men, and while I have been a Chris supporter from the start, Roberto equally won my heart during the finale.  His connection with Ali is unspeakable.  I have never seen two people who looked like they were literally glowing – but seeing their interaction on the After the Final Rose – she definitely made the right decision for her.  This does not take anything away from Chris L.  Something tells me he will have no problem finding his happily ever after.

Women across America are making a pilgrimage to Cape Cod as we speak.  I have literally received hundreds of emails, phone calls, text message from all sorts of women.  Married women questioning whether to leave their husbands.  Single women asking my advice on how to submit their application to ABC to compete for Chris’s love (as of now, he has not been announced as the next Bachelor).  Grandmothers asking if I can introduce their daughters to Chris (I don’t know him personally yet, but I’m working on it).  If Chris decides to be the next Bachelor, he could potentially reach cult status.  The reason is because we saw a gentleman on the show from start to finish.  There are no stories about him messing around with 4 girls on the side.  The only “gossip” about Chris is that he was a wonderful teacher, his students loved him, he made the noble gesture of dropping everything in his life and helping his sick mother.  He’s gorgeous.  He’s funny.  He’s a guy’s guy.  He’s not a celebrity and has no itch to be famous.  He’s got a great family.  He’s survived great tragedy and is 33 years old – a ripe age for settling down.  Mike Fleiss could not have asked for a greater result.  He somehow managed to discover the world’s most eligible bachelor and has the potential to increase the ratings of the show with potentially one of the most loved Bachelors of all time.  Women love him and men want to be him. 

I’m guessing the only reason that Chris was not announced as the next Bachelor yet is because the timing is not right.  Clearly from the After the Final Rose, Chris does not seem to be 100% over Ali.  It would be disingenuous to all of a sudden call him the next Bachelor.  It would undermine the very real process he just went through and the very real feelings he developed for Ali.  I’m guessing once the ratings decline significantly from the trashy Bachelor Pad, that’s when they will announce Chris’s candidacy. 

Everyone looked wonderful on the After the Final Rose. Chris L looked like he lost some weight.  It was so classy that he was so thankful to Ali for ending things with him early, rather than putting him through their last date and the break up at the finale.  Even on the After the Final Rose, he admitted that it made him love her more.  On Ali’s end, it validated her love for Roberto that much more and presented her as a caring person.  I was so happy that Roberto and Ali have taken the plunge and (1) have so far not announced any intentions to go on Dancing with the Schmucks. I mean Stars. (2) Are not going to do a long distance relationship – Roberto is really making the effort – moving across the country and starting up his business in San Diego (3) They will not be living in Hollywood – it’s a good 3 hours drive from San Diego to LA, so hopefully they will be a little sheltered from the bright lights of Hollywood so they can focus on their relationship.  How awesome that they were whisked away immediately after the show to go off to Catalina Island??  I loved seeing how happy they are!  They might actually have a shot at making it!

I can’t promise that I will do long posts on Bachelor Pad.  Kissing competitions and the cast just don’t do it for me.  I’m going to recharge a bit and get ready for hopefully the Chris L Bachelor season.  I will be posting updates from time to time, so please be sure to check back.

My write up of the teleconference with Ali, Roberto and Chris will be up as soon after I speak to them as possible, til then… Congrats to Ali and Roberto – all the best.  Chris – get ready!  The women are coming after you!

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