Finally: portable HD Radios coming in days


A major step in making HD Radios more user-friendly: No need to find a place to plug it in! Coby Electronics is introducing a new range of receivers that includes  the HDR-700 Portable HD Radio System and HDR-650 Component HD Radio Receiver, makes its retail debut in August.  

Coby’s new HDR-700 Portable HD Radio System is the first-ever cordless HD Radio receiver.   With splash-proof housing and an integrated rechargeable battery, the HDR-700 can serve as the sole entertainment system – indoors and out.  The small-scale unit also features an SD card slot for digital MP3 playback.  SRP $149.      

And the company’s HDR-650 Component HD Radio Receiver, the most affordable HD Radio receiver on the market, is a sleek capsule-like unit with a brushed-aluminum casing designed to complement existing stereo and audio systems.  The HDR-650 features a high-contrast digital LCD screen that displays station, artist and song title info.  With a built-in alarm and sleep timer function,   SRP $99.