Fines avoided in late-filed license renewal cases


Twin City Baptist Temple, licensee of WCMX(AM), Leominster MA and Donald H. De Rosa, former licensee of WAMF(AM), Fulton NY each avoided paying an FCC fine for untimely applications for a license renewal. How they avoided the fines were entirely different.

In the case of WCMX, the fine was one of the lower ones — $1.5K – meaning that the application did not get to the FCC properly four months prior to license expiration, but the situation was rectified before the license expired, avoiding a tack-on fine for unauthorized operation. In this case, the station applied for renewal on time, but on paper. The FCC doesn’t like that, and admonished Twin City Baptist, but at the same time, it did cancel the fine.

In the case WAMF, the FCC noted that it had come to its attention that the former licensee had passed away. It therefore pulled the fine.