Fire officials pressing for charges in radio stunt


It’s been seven months since a radio stunt gone wrong turned a van into an inferno in the Clear Channel Radio parking lot in Tampa. A follow-up by a local TV station indicates that there’s a dispute between fire officials and the local prosecutor on whether to bring felony charges.

The Tampa Fire department was none too pleased that the “MJ Morning show” on WFLZ-FM failed to get any permits or even notify the department of its on-sir demonstration of the dangers of deep-frying a whole turkey in oil. The fire got out of control (at least beyond the control of station staffers with fire extinguishers) and a firefighter was injured in the successful effort by the pros to douse the flames.

According to a report by WTSP-TV (CBS), the Florida State Fire Marshal recommended two criminal felony charges for arson and injuring a firefighter, along with two misdemeanor charges. But the station reports that the Tampa Fire Department is accusing the local prosecutor of dragging his feet, despite having had the report since January. The prosecutor’s office told WTSP only that it remained an open case.