Fired Mexican radio reporter re-hired


Less than two weeks after firing Carmen Aristegui, Radio MVS in Mexico City has hired her back. A statement on the station’s website said MVS and the journalist had agreed to implement an arbitration process in her contract, resulting in her reinstatement.

The station statement avoided any mention of the dispute which led to Aristegui’s firing – her on-air call for the office of Mexican President Felipe Calderón to publicly address rumors that the president is an alcoholic. Rather, the two parties agreed to publicize the MVS ethics code, which is now posted on the company’s website. MVS had claimed when it fired Aristegui that she had violated that code – a charge that she denied in a public news conference.

Aristegui will return to the air on MVS on Monday, February 21. She has continued to host a program on CNN en Español and write a column for the daily newspaper Reforma.