First Person-Level TV DMP Gets Gracenote Jolt


SAN FRANCISCO — For those wondering how Nielsen would leverage Gracenote‘s media and entertainment metadata following its $560 million acquisition of the East Bay-based entity, a big reveal came from Nielsen’s New York headquarters early Tuesday.

Gracenote’s Real-Time Smart TV Data will now be used to enhance the audience targeting, consumer analytics and measurement capabilities of Nielsen Marketing Cloud’s Data Management Platform (DMP).

The Nielsen DMP connects Gracenote viewership data to “a wide spectrum” of Nielsen, first- and third-party consumer data for person-level consumer insights, as well as integrated paid and owned media platforms for marketing activation.

“As a result, brand marketers and advertisers have an unprecedented view of what audiences are watching across local and national markets on linear TV, on-demand and DVR,” Nielsen said.

Gracenote gathers Smart TV viewership data in real-time using video Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology, which is implemented in some 27 million Smart TVs across eight consumer electronics brands. Specifically, Gracenote ACR technology identifies TV programs, movies, advertisements and video games being viewed in real-time and provides insights including the length of consumer engagement with the content they are viewing — including all-important tune in and tune out data.

Nielsen heralds the move as bringing the industry “one step closer to standardized audience segments across linear, advanced TV and digital, making inventory more valuable as demand for a consistent addressable currency for advanced audiences continues to grow.”

Nielsen SVP/Product Leadership Kelly Abcarian said, “Gracenote ACR technology is bridging linear TV with the marketing and measurement capabilities that we’ve come to expect from the digital world.” She notes that this marks the first time Gracenote Smart TV segment data is being made widely available to marketers and media owners who are looking for a deeper understanding of TV viewership across all platforms and services. This will allow them to “seamlessly optimize and activate buying across linear TV and digital video and provide a more accurate measurement of ROI.”

Nielsen DMP clients will be able to activate Gracenote Smart TV Segment Data in real-time (200 milliseconds) across dynamic personalization, content management, programmatic, search, social, email, video, mobile and over-the-top (OTT-TV) platforms.

Clients can target pre-built Gracenote Smart TV segments or create custom audience combinations with some 60,000 Nielsen Marketing Cloud segments.

As an example, a viewer exposed to a brand awareness campaign on their Smart TV while watching a specific program at night could be re-engaged with a direct response mobile advertisement while commuting to work the following morning. Consumer engagement with these cross-channel, sequenced messages can be tracked throughout the path-to-purchase with Nielsen’s In-Flight Analytics and Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) solutions.