First PPM data from the City of Angels


Radio’s daily reach is more than four times larger than the combined circulations of LA’s twelve largest newspapers, according to the first data from Arbitron from its pre-launch Portable People Meter (PPM) panel is Los Angeles.

Preliminary electronic measurement results from PPM in LA reveals that more than 9.2 million people age six and older heard radio for five or more minutes during an average weekday (Monday-Friday 6am-Midnight) in April. PPM electronic measurement also reveals that twenty different radio stations in Los Angeles reach more than one million people per week compared to only six stations that exceeded this milestone in the present paper diary system.

These findings were shared by Arbitron yesterday at a meeting with its customers to introduce the new electronic measurement service in Los Angeles. The estimates are based on preliminary data from Arbitron’s new PPM panel in which is now in place in Los Angeles. Arbitron is scheduled to start its new Portable People Meter service effective with its September report. A final decision on whether to restart the PPM rollout is to come later this month.