Fisher goes Hyper-Local


Seattle-HQ’d Fisher Communications is using the power of the internet to protect its local franchise in the market, where it operates both television and radio stations, and will also use it in other locations as well. Its audience will be able to search for info, and advertisers will be able to find its audience.

The user function is called Search and Discovery for Media, and comes from DataSphere, a division of tech company Software as a Service. It allows uses to “drill down” to ever more specific geographic pinpoints, as well as search across broad story categories. Advertisers can target website surfers by the way they use it.

“This is a tremendous step forward in our objective to build a world class online experience to complement our position as one of the region’s leading broadcasters,” said Rob Dunlop, Fisher’s senior vice president operations. “DataSphere’s Search and Discovery service allows us to effectively expose our full catalog of content and attract the attention of visitors interested in very targeted local information. This in turn provides the perfect opportunity for our advertisers to deliver messages that are relevant and effective in driving new business.”

Fisher operates radio and television stations in Seattle. It will also be introducing this service in other markets, including Portland OR and Bakersfield CA.

RBR/TVBR observation: This is what we’re talking about. The local franchise is what broadcasters must be able to defend to the last proverbial bullet, and heading off would-be interlopers from the internet by being there strong yourself will be a big key in sustaining broadcast viability into the future.