Fisher launches 38 hyperlocal neighborhood websites


Fisher Communications launched a network of 28 hyperlocal neighborhood websites in the Portland market and 10 in the Eugene market, increasing local content offerings and expanding advertising opportunities for local businesses.

The hyperlocal sites bring together the stations’ content and DataSphere Technologies’ LocalNet service, including an online platform that provides technology, advertising and sales solutions.

The hyperlocal sites are designed to provide local communities with the best source of information about news, events, entertainment and personalities relevant to their day-to-day lives. A complete list of the sites can be found at and

To support their hyperlocal Web sites, KATU and KVAL will restructure their newsrooms to effectively and efficiently capture and post community news on a real-time basis. Local stories and breaking news that station reporters cover on a daily basis will be complemented with user generated content, and also with content provided through an innovative partnership with Windermere Real Estate, a company with local knowledge and strong presence in each community.

The launch of the Oregon sites builds on the successful launch of Fisher’s 44 hyperlocal sites in the Seattle market in August. Fisher expects to launch similar platforms in its other markets. In addition, Fisher and DataSphere anticipate distributing the technology and sales solution to other broadcast companies looking to establish hyperlocal sites.

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