Fisher launches "HeadDrama"


It’s the second vertical website under the Buzz Brands platform, after HeadDrama is a localized lifestyle website (linked with the local television affiliate) providing info and commentary on issues related to mental health and dealing with daily life concerns.

Accessible at, the site features expert opinions and enable visitors to seek advice and counsel on a variety of topics including parenting, work stresses, love and relationships.

Randa Minkarah, Fisher’s SVP/Revenue and Business Development, says with HeadDrama, they are able to provide broadcasters with an additional targeted sales solution for local advertisers: “The strong interest in GalTime demonstrates that stations can create new revenue streams both on-air and online with turn-key lifestyle content that includes product placement at the local level.”

“HeadDrama focuses on mental health and owning your big days. It’s about real issues affecting individuals on a daily basis, sharing ways to overcome issues and emergencies to thrive. The content will be interesting not only to users, but also to advertisers in the mental health community,” said Troy McGuire, Fisher’s Vice President of Buzz Brands.

Buzz Brands, available in 64% of markets nationwide, has now been localized in a number of markets, including Los Angeles, Boston, Washington D.C., Phoenix, Seattle and Orlando.

Editor’s note: Be sure to check out Randa’s interactive column in our upcoming Manager’s Business Report second issue. She talks about Fisher’s Buzz Brands platform, GalTime and The Daily Buzz syndicated TV program with Acme Television.