Fisher launches Seattle Pulp


It’s another vertical website from Fisher Communications. While the company recently launched (under the Buzz Brands platform) and, Seattle Pulp ( is a little different, and is the first website under Fishers’ Pulp brand. With a more urban, witty and fun voice, Seattle Pulp is aimed at enhancing and complementing the current user experience, which includes both KOMO-TV (ABC) and KOMO AM-FM News Radio.

Seattle Pulp caters to the 18-49 demo. Through its network of contributors, readers will be able to monitor the city’s pulse and gain insight into a wide variety of everyday life topics, including the newest restaurants and bars, upcoming events, the latest in technology, gadgets and gaming, personal and career development and reviews of the “Best Of” the city.

Personalities include Rain City Super Hero Phoenix Jones, Foodie Fashionista Salty Seattle, career consultant Paul Anderson, Salty’s on Alki Beach Executive Chef Jeremy McLachlan and home improvement expert Tami Michaels, among others.

Niche sections such as Nosh, Culture, 9 to 5, Dwell, Gadgets and Rides will provide a more targeted and results-oriented sale for advertisers.

Fisher says it expects to launch Portland Pulp later this summer.

RBR-TVBR observation: The Pulp brand is the most recent initiative under Fisher’s broadcast-to-broadband strategy. When viewers or listeners are engaged with their terrestrial brands, instead of just sending them “over to the website,” the goal is to narrow-down specific demos and send them to a variety of compelling vertical channels produced and sold in-house.