Fisher launching MundoFox in Pacific Northwest


Fisher CommunicationsThe latest entry into the Hispanic network competition, MundoFox, will be getting what might be called non-traditional broadcast homes in Seattle and Portland. Fisher Communications will be hosting the new network in the two DMAs.

In Seattle, the network will reside on a digital multicast side channel of Univision KUNS-TV, and will do the same thing on a low power outlet in Portland, KUNP-LP, also primarily a Univision affiliate.

“We are excited to work with MundoFox on this project. We have been developing the Spanish-language television market in Seattle and Portland for a number of years and joining the MundoFox network adds tremendous depth and breadth for Hispanic viewers and advertisers,” said Rob Dunlop, Executive Vice President of Fisher Communications. 

“Fisher is a tremendous partner in the Pacific Northwest and with their proven expertise in Spanish-language broadcasting we are delighted to have them join the MundoFox affiliate team,” said Emiliano Saccone, President of MundoFox.

The target date to get MundoFox active in the two markets is by the end of September.
Fisher’s flagship station in Seattle is ABC KOMO; in Portland, it’s ABC KATU.


  1. Can you tell what channel number mundofox is? I’ve been looking around and I can’t seem to figure it out. I looked up mutlicast side channel but all I could find implied that it would be something 29.2 or 29.4 or something like that. I have comcast and they don’t have it listed in their channel list. If you know, Thanks

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