Five Strategies to Respond to Broadcast Media Disruption


The broadcast media sector is under increasing pressure to adapt its more traditional, linear media–oriented revenue models and operational practices to compete against resource-rich and revenue-hungry challengers like Google and other tech-driven players, making an already competitive market even more so.

Using insights gained from proprietary research conducted with television and radio executives from across North America as well as industry sources, a just-released annual report from Revenue Analytics sheds light on five trends.

These trends, Revenue Analytics notes, continue to shape the broadcast media sector, as well as the five strategies that many companies are using to respond to the shifting marketplace.

Confronted by disruption and facing threats from tech-driven competitors, traditional broadcast media leaders have some difficult yet crucial decisions to make in order to create consistent revenue streams amidst the current volatility of North America’s television and
radio sectors today.

The Five Trends are as follows:

  • Digital Dominates
  • The Personalization Imperative
  • Programmatic Platforms Proliferate
  • Consolidation Gives Rise to “Supercompetitors”
  • The Evolution of the Sales Organization

With that, Five Strategies are offered:

  • Wait and See
  • Hire Management Consultants
  • Do It Yourself
  • Use a SaaS Solution
  • Utilize a Hybrid Model

To download the report in full, please click here:

2019 Media Trends Report by Revenue Analytics