Fix Economy First, People Feel They Have Lost Their Voice


Slowdown, Fix the Economy First Then Healthcare Townhall meeting reaction to healthcare reform as seen on TV newscasts appears to be grounded in grass roots feelings that people have lost their voice in Washington. According to the latest American Pulse™ Townhall of over 4,000 people 18+ (conducted 8/14-8/17/09), many people appear to feel disappointed, disgusted or bad towards Congress.
Overall, a general sense of being left out is how respondents feel when it comes to the economic stimulus and healthcare reform. 83.4% of respondents think Congress and the President should fix the economy before doing healthcare reform. 74.4% say they feel they’ve lost their voice in Washington. 87.1% say Congress is not spending tax dollars wisely and 70.2% agree/strongly agree that, “Congress is only interested in their own ideas rather than those of the people.”

Interestingly, 74.6% agree that returning the remaining stimulus money directly to taxpayers would stimulate the economy. When asked if the President has done enough to stimulate job growth, 55.2% disagree/strongly disagree. 60% feel healthcare is too personal to be developed without reflecting the will of the people and 48.2% think the healthcare legislation is being developed too fast. 59.7% say even if healthcare reform isn’t accomplished during the current year, healthcare will not be jeopardized.
Other findings: 
*         70.7% say how their Congressperson votes on healthcare reform will influence how they vote for them in the future.
*         59.7% say protests at townhall meetings on proposed healthcare reform are citizens making concerns known, 20.8% say  its manufactured protests.
*         60.7% say “Cash for Clunkers” won’t help the economy recover, 39.3% say it will.
*         28.8% think Cap-and-Trade won’t help the economy grow, 15.2% disagree.
*         43.8% say Cap-and-Trade won’t impact jobs, 30.8% say it will eliminate jobs and 25.4% say it will create new jobs.  
*         41.3% are somewhat/very concerned about the H1N1 virus; 34.7% are not very/not at all concerned.
*         39.3% will get an H1N1 vaccine if it’s available; 36.2% won’t.
*         41.9% think that the U.S. government is doing enough to protect against the virus, 20.7% say its not.
*         Top 5 one word descriptions of feelings towards Congress: bad, disappointed, sucks, neutral and disgusted.

RBR/TVBR observation: First this is what we call good show prep. More importantly in research the sample is large enough to use the stats with a comfort zone. Using these stats Radio and TV can use their voice of Broadcasting and discuss this issue and get solid feedback from your local audience. Get involved and watch your audience build. With all station news departments cut to the bone broadcasters will have to build a data base of solid consumer research they trust. RBR/TVBR suggest to post this on your website and use in your programming.

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