Flat panels to gain traction in China


It will come as no surprise that China has been the biggest TV set production base in the world for several years. The TV OEM business (especially plat-panel TV OEM) in China is growing rapidly.  IMS Research estimates that the Chinese market for TV sets reached 40.7 million units in 2007. However despite the quick growth of flat panel displays in the Chinese TV sets market, the CRT continues to lead in domestic volume shipments.

IMS Research forecasts that CRT sets dominate the Chinese TV set market with a 86.5% share of 2006 volumes, dropping only slightly to 75.2% in 2007. The shift from CRT to flat panel is expected to take place over the next five years,  and flat panel displays will begin to dominate TV set unit shipments around 2010/2011. LCD is forecast to become the main flat panel display technology, accounting for over half of total unit shipments and nearly three quarters of sales revenues in 2012.  Differing from the global trend, iDTVs are likely to remain out of the picture throughout the next 5 years.

The IMS Research study Chinese Production and Consumption of Television Sets – 2008, examines the Chinese domestic and export markets for television sets through 2012.  The report covers the forecast for unit shipment and revenues for LCD, PDP, CRT, and RPTVs. Chinese TV maker market shares are also provided by display technology. Additionally the report looks at some of the key reasons for a lack of iDTVs in the Chinese market.