Flat screen television sets going on sale for $0.99


Here’s a promotion you don’t see every day. A new high-discount retail outlet is opening up in Duarte CA. The first nine customers in line to enter a brand new 99 Cents Only Store on 3/15/12 will be able to buy a television set for the store’s eponymous price.

The lucky customers who are able to get first dibs on the television sets will be saving $229.01 – the store says the Philips 22″ Flat Screen LCD TVs its selling are worth that amount plus the $0.99, or $230 for the math-challenged members of the reading public.

There will be a consolation prize for customers who were a little tardy getting in line. According to the store, “The next 99 customers in line on the 15th at the new Duarte store may purchase a Scooter for only 99 cents! The following 99 customers can purchase Automatic Powered Scissors for only 99 cents! The next 99 customers can buy an ACDelco LED Flashlight with Holster and Batteries Included – a $17.99 value – for only 99 cents!”

The grand opening celebration will continue for several days, and it will feature numerous other items on sale for $0.99. Another one is television related: a 3-pack DVD featuring episodes from the long-running sitcom favorite “Friends.”

RBR-TVBR observation: The good news is that despite all the focus on various and sundry mobile and internet devices, television is still seen as a major consumer draw in the US. We wonder how early people will begin lining up for this one.

We also have to say we’d pay good money to see the race from the parking area if it’s clear that there are already eight customers in line. Oh, and if it was our store, we’d have some security personnel on hand.