Fleetwood Mac plays the radio card to promote new release


Digital DownloadsOnce again, at a time when many in the music community are complaining about radio airplay under current copyright law, a band is freely handing out its music to radio stations in hope of getting airplay.
Fleetwood Mac is in the middle of a tour, and it is releasing an EP called “Extended Play” which contains four tunes.

It is being offered for sale on iTunes.

According to a release from the band, one of the tunes, “Sad Angel,” “is also being released to radio today.”
The band is working on a new full album, and the EP represents music from it that was completed before the tour began. The band’s Lindsey Buckingham said the EP release is a way to let fans access some of the music which has been popular in performance in the meantime before the full album is completed.

RBR-TVBR observation: This quiet announcement is a perfect example of the way the relationship between musicians and stations has been and should remain.

A band wants to sell recordings – to do that, it needs to get its music heard. To that end, it is giving the music to radio stations hoping to get the promotional value of airplay and drive sales.

In this case, radio stations benefit by getting free access to the latest from Fleetwood Mac, and Fleetwood Mac benefits by having its music exposed and purchased by many who otherwise would not have heard it at all.

It’s a symbiotic relationship, and it is not broken.


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