Flinn Spotlights Voltair in Counter-Suit


CourthouseFlinn Broadcasting has counter-sued Nielsen, alleging breach of contract.

Flinn argues that Nielsen’s PPM methodology undercounted listeners with an insufficient sample size and unrepresentative demographics. Flinn also alleges the audience research firm withheld that it was denied MRC accreditation for the Memphis market until after signing Flinn to a contract.

The latest suit, filed in U.S. District Court in Maryland, is a response to an earlier one from Nielsen in which the firm sued Flinn for $176,134 worth of past due fees plus interest and attorney fees; Nielsen claims Flinn hasn’t paid for its contracted PPM ratings since February of last year, we reported.

In its counter-suit, Flinn alleges that a competitor began using a Voltair, making Flinn’s ratings “defective, false, misleading and unreliable.”

George Flinn seeks $702,530 in damages plus costs and attorney’s fees.