Flooding the Market with LPTV


LPTVLow power television stations, to be precise – that’s what Michael J. Flood hopes to once he closes on and constructs a pair of Nebraska LPTV construction permits.

The stations are K21LX-D CP Grand Island NE and K30MQ-D Hastings NE.

They are both part of the Lincoln-Hastings-Kearney Nielsen DMA.

The sellers are William L. Bruggeman Jr. and Ruth J. Bruggeman.

The price is $12,500 cash.

The DMA is not expected to be an active spectrum auction market. Although there is an anticipated maximum value for a full power station of $14 million, the median price drops all the way to $4 million, and there is no listed value for Class A stations.

There are of course no auction rights for low power outlets, the lack of auction action would suggest that the low power outlets will emerge with their licenses intact.

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